Peaches in Syrup

I want to lay back and spread my legs for a big man who’s hungry for me. I want him to use one of his strong hands to hold my legs apart while the other slaps his hard cock against my pussy, I want to see it smack against my wetness and pull some away with it. He likes that, and it makes him hungry. He kneels down and opens me up, looks between my legs with a watering mouth. I feel exposed, so deliciously vulnerable to him. A thumb passes over my wetness and slowly spreads it around while the other hand still holds my legs apart. He’s so gentle and so slow, he runs his thumb around in a horseshoe between my lips, evading that pretty little jewel that sits up top. He’s taking his time, letting me fall slowly into a heavenly delirium. He takes a lip between his and sucks at it gently, moving his mouth along it from bottom to top, letting it slip slowly from his lips, like I’m a juicy peach he wants to savor. Again and again he tastes me like this until I become swollen with lust for him. Slowly, he puts his thick tongue to my clit and purses his lips around it. He takes me into his warm mouth, suckling so gently I feel myself start to sink into the pleasure. Like drowning in the sweetest syrup. My head falls back, surrendering. He keeps his suckling steady and slow while he slips a finger inside me, feels my softness tighten around him. And then he eases in another, gently fucking me with his fingers while his mouth is content to softly tug at me again and again.


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